by Handwriting

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and i want to live under the ocean
i want to live where the song birds are flying so high we cannot hear them
but it is so warm that we let our guitar strings ring out

Thank you so much to everyone that's been behind us this past year.


released April 4, 2014

Guitar & Drums: Joe Byrne
Lyrics/Vocals: Devin Bailey-Branting
Bass: Mike Taylor
Recorded by Ian Van Opijnen at Echoroom Studios
Album artwork by Mike Allocca



all rights reserved


Handwriting Massachusetts

party math / we love inequalities

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Track Name: Stiffest Boy in America
Everything I've felt has been said before // I don't understand anything about this place // in the dark there is indisposition that i didn't ask for // in the dark there are so many places to fall that i can’t risk these days // it's all the same here
Track Name: Cash Trash
And I don't see myself anywhere // I'm just a lonely planet drifting forever // it's nothing // I'm trying best // in the back of my mind // I'm reaching for a life left behind // and it's not my choice to take all of this weight // but who else will // i just want to stay in my bedroom // but my door won't lock // i’m a frozen fox below the lake on the edge of the city // i'm trapped in ice // i’m just trying to fit in a box too small for my thick thighs // i’m just trying to fit in
Track Name: A show about people who (get this) used to be babies
I need you to trust me // it’s not like i like the feeling of embarrassment // i just don’t want to feel so pressured // my lungs are encompassed again by pain // i am writing you again on my desk in the winter // this telephone cord is lodged in my temple
Track Name: The Hobo on the Poor Jeremy Sticker
The grass and leaves and the birds and the hot pavement all dwindle away in the winter and
I am the grass and the leaves and the birds and the hot pavement and I am
Dwindling away and I am dwindling

i’m spending all my money buying clothing that can't keep me warm // i’m spending all the time that i have left writing about this past // i don’t belong in this place
Track Name: pizza b0ss
i wish i could protect myself under my bed // and never have to see the moon again // the stars are too hollow for me to rest my head // do you love the ocean drowning you in apathy?
Track Name: Busta Rhymes
i told you i’d do this // i told you my fists and // my eyes can't comprehend you // i’m trying my best // strings resonating into my skull // things complicating into our hearts // i grew up alone // i’ll grow old the same // i’ll grow old alone here
Track Name: finger snaps!
i’m only a pawn to this sick and sheltered game // i was so young and so frail // i go home and no one knows my name
Track Name: MC Hamlet
Will you wish upon me?